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10/5 Bottom Fishing Blast
Fishing Reports and News
Written by Capt. Bob   
Sunday, 07 October 2012 12:25

PA110227_800x600Today we had on board Aaron and Michy for some bottom fishing. Great weather and conditions greated us at the dock. Made the run out and down to the grounds. On the way found a couple small pods of Blue Fish we stoped to play with.


Reached our destination and we anchored up on a good read. Was not long before the poles started bending and fish started getting thrown in the box. Some real good sized Porgies, Sea Bass and Tog. Action was fairly solid until the tide dropped then it was pick here and cialis drug prescription there.


Made a couple of wiggles, and the viagra over the cheapest cialis pharnacy comparison counter boots tide started running and the bite was on again. Poles were bending and fish were back going in the bos. Ended a great day with a huge mess of Sea Bass and Pogies for quite a few dinners. Threw back 3 times the number we kept. Great day with great people.


Night Stripers

every  Thurs/Fri

600-1130 PM

$85 pp

4 Needed to sail.


Full Day/ Half Day Charters

for Stripers/ Bottom or Combo



CAll for Info or Res.


Capt Bob

8/26 Kurtz Charter Fluking 83Yr Young Charlies Scores
Fishing Reports and News
Written by Capt. Bob   
Sunday, 26 August 2012 18:15

P9010121_800x600Today we had on board Rob and Doreen Kurtz, with 83 year young Charlie Kurtz the birthday boy and their good friends Joe & Carol Shaffery for some Fluking. Great weather, but conditions were bad. Hard S/SE blow against the out going tide.

Made our way out, tried to go to the outside but but to nasty, headed back inside to start the day. On about the third drift Rob pulls up a nice 20" Fish, thought the luck was changing. MAde a couple more drifts with some Sea Robbins. MAde a move to another area, and again a couple Robbins.

Wind laid down a Tad and we headed out to see. Was a bit sporty, made a few drifts with a short and a couple Robbins to show for it. Tired of getting beat ran back inside. Inside was no better, a few Robbins and a short. As this was a half day trip, set up for the 4 generic cialis softtabs last drift.

About 10 min into the drift Charlies pole bend over. Charlies battled against the wind-current and online meds cialis pulled a fat flattie to the surface, into the net he went. Charlie scored the biggest Fluke of his young life, a nice fat 5 lber. Charlies was beaming.

Finished up the day and headed in. Dispite the horrible conditions a great trip. A wonderful family and friends sharing the water, and the Birthday Boy gets the fish of his life at the bell. One of those days that a Capt lives to see!!!!! 


 Evening Stripers

Every Thurs/Fri


$85 pp 4 needed to sail



Full Day & Half Day

Stripers/Bottom Fishing

Rods/Reels, Bait/Tackle supplied

Call for Info or Res.


Capt Bob

8/23 Merrill Lynch Crew Scores Fluke and Sea Bass
Fishing Reports and News
Written by Capt. Bob   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 19:29

P8290116_800x600Today we had on board a Crew from Merrill Lynch, Mike Sherman, Lance and John. Great weather and conditions greated us. Left the on-line viagra order dock at 0700 and headed over to an area that had been holding weak fish. Had some reads but no takers. Packed in the Weak rigs and made a run for the first Fluke stop.

First stop yielded Shorts, Sea Robbins and Doggies. Made some adjustments, tried several differant drifts with the same results. Started headed to sticky bottom, but made a short stop on the way down. Again Shorts and Robbins.

Continued down south to the rough bottom. Was not long before Lance put the first keeper in the box. By now the drift was almost zero and buy viagra australia no wind. Bounced around picking at Short and Keeper FLuke as well as Sea Bass. Made several differant stops on the grounds, donated some rigs and lead, but the boys battled through it putting Fluke and Sea Bass in the Box.

Good day on the water with some great guys.



Booking For

Fluke   Sea Bass

Full Day   Half Day   Evening


CApt Bob 

8/19 Heller Brothers Box FLuke to 6lbs
Fishing Reports and News
Written by Capt. Bob   
Sunday, 19 August 2012 17:50

P8250111_800x600Today we had on board Jeff, Mike and Larry Heller for some Fluking. Started the haldf day trip at 1:00P and made our way to the grounds in good weather and seas.

At the first location made 3 drifts and were rewarded with shorts, Sea Robbins and 1 keeper. Made a short run to another location and it was game on. More and More FLuke coming over the rails and less and blue generic pill viagra less Sea Robbins. Kept picking away, sorting threw and putting fish in the box. Largest of the day was Jeff's 6 lb Flattie.

Good day on the water with some great guys. Love seeing families bond with nature.





Booking For

Fluke   Sea Bass   Porgies

Full Day   Half Day   Evening


Capt Bob


8/15 3 Generations of the Singer Family Fishing Together
Fishing Reports and News
Written by Capt. Bob   
Thursday, 16 August 2012 16:37

IMG-20120815-01273Today we had 3 Generations of the Singer Family on board for a 1/2 day of Fishing. Grandpa Stu, Dad Shawn and Grandson Harry. Conditions were good, but we were keeping an eye on the weather. Set out at Noon and was not long before we got to the grounds.

Was not long before the rods started bending, Fluke, Sea Robbins, Cocktail Blues, Porgies, Sea Bass. Boys were having a blast, several double headers. Truly great to see a family enjoying the outdoors.

The weather all was to the north of us, but alas that changed quickly. Heavy conditions were building to our south ad headed north. Had to call an early end to the trip, stow the gear and put the coals to her. Weather hit us just outside the River. Wind, Rain, Hail, Lightning. The only good thing was it was coming from where we wanted to go, so we slowly headed into it making our way to dock. Was raining so hard the cockpit scuppers could not keep up, had 3-4" of water at one point.

Only took a few minutes to moror up the river to safe dockage. Boys kept shelter in the cabin til it subsided. Cleaned the fish and said out good byes. Great family, good trip with an exciting ending.


Booking for

Fluke   Sea Bass

Full Day   Half Day  Evening


Capt Bob 

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